Q4 Architects is a progressive, award-winning architectural practice committed to providing the highest design standards in residential, commercial, and institutional architecture. The Q4 team consists of thirty talented professionals who diligently manage complex projects from conceptualization to implementation to achieve design excellence.

We continue to learn and adapt to local, national, and international building trends and are constantly refining our craft through the use of new tools and standards.

Committed to principles of environmental sustainability and stewardship, Q4 Architects designs architecture that promotes the wellbeing of individuals and communities.
May 2014
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On May 1st, Arnel Dalogdog will be joining the Q4 team. Arnel is a Senior Architectural Technologist with over 24 years of experience at a number of firms in Toronto, preparing construction drawings and documents for Part 3 buildings.

On Monday May 5th Regina Nikolova, an OCAD Interior Design Graduate with several years of experience, joins our team. We welcome Regina, as she will be filling in over the next year for Madel, who is soon expecting her first baby. Best wishes Madel!

Jocelyn Martin returns on April 28th, after a year at the University of Western Ontario, and will rejoin our Admin Team. We look forward to having Jocelyn back.

Penny Bolourchi will soon return to the University of Waterloo – Faculty of Architecture after completing her co-op term at Q4. We wish Penny well with her final year of studies.

Q4 Architects is a full service, multi-disciplinary practice offering planning, architecture, project management, and interior design services across Canada and the United States. At Q4 Architects, we partner with our clients to help them achieve the best architectural solutions possible. Our designers and project management specialists guide our clients through every stage of the design.
We believe that one’s personal, social, or corporate environment is a strong determinant of their overall wellbeing. Well-planned communities and designed spaces enhance the human condition. We create walkable, transit-oriented, affordable, and socially-engaging communities to encourage a better health for the users and for the natural environment.

We are committed to advancing building typologies to better serve the needs of our clients. In our design process, site constraints and client expectations challenge conventional solutions. As a result, we have developed innovative solutions that have changed the housing market.

Great architecture should be not only aesthetically pleasing but responsive and responsible to the community in which it is built. We design socially sensible architecture for a broad segment of the North American population.
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